Raging Star (Dustlands #3)- Moira Young

Her passion kept them alive. Now it may destroy them all.

Saba is ready to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalo…until she meets him and finds herself drawn to the man and his vision of a healed earth, a New Eden. DeMalo wants Saba to join him, in life and work, to build a stable, sustainable world…for the chosen few. The young and the healthy. Under his control. DeMalo offers Saba a chance—a seductive chance she may not be able to refuse. How much will she sacrifice to save the people she loves?

The road has never been more dangerous, and betrayal lurks in the most unexpected places in the breathtaking conclusion to the Dust Lands Trilogy.

Why hello there! Have you read the Dustlands trilogy? If not, go and do it, amigo! If yes, read on for my review for the final installment.

This was a strange one for me. On the one hand, I did read the first book of this trilogy years ago, and it may have have had a bigger impact on me on me had I not spaced out the trilogy so much. On the other hand, based on what I remember from reading the first (I loved it) and the second (it was decent), this book doesn’t live up to its expectations as the final book in a trilogy. Here’s why:

Firstly, it seemed rushed. And I mean really rushed. And despite this, there just didn’t seem to be enough going on at any one time, so the whole book felt quite lackluster.

Secondly, the ending let it down. It was quite anti-climactic, despite WANTING to be exciting (I think?). I didn’t like the reveal of Saba’s betrayer, and I especially didn’t like the loss (very rushed loss) of a few particular characters. However, I was left with a little bit of hope for the two protagonists:

How did you find me? The heartstone? he says.
I look into his eyes. His silver moonlight eyes. The still calmwater heart of him.
I don’t need no stone to find you. I’d find you anywhere, I says.

See? A little hope and much heartstings pulled. Much romantic. Much cute.

And lastly, the writing. I remember loving the style of writing in the very first book, and being fond of this kind of style (Also found in the Chaos Walking trilogy), but in this book it took away from the story, making it seem cold and, quite frankly, a little boring. So, as happy as I am that I finally completed this trilogy, I’m also a little disappointed with how it turned out. The last book in a trilogy should always go out with a bang, and this one fell flat.


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