Top5s Thursday



Welcome to the first installment of a feature I’ve started on my blog, called Top5s Thursday. Every Thursday, I will prepare a random list of Top 5 things to do with anything book like- be it with characters, tropes, plotlines, the whole shebang. So, without further ado, here is the very first Top5s list.

Let’s start it with: TOP 5 FEMALE PROTAGONISTS.

At number 5: Rose Hathaway- Vampire Academy


For anyone who has read the Vampire Academy series, you’ll know that Rose is a badass. She is skilled, sarcastic, sassy, and not afraid to speak her mind. It’s also refreshing to read about a female character who owns her sexuality, and instead of complaining about how plain she is (a.k.a every other YA protagonist?!) she flirts shamelessly and is used to fending off boys. I really just love her attitude, and how she can talk down anybody, often with no filters attached.

On to number 4: Katniss Everdeen- The Hunger Games Trilogy


I really love Katniss. I know she isn’t considered to be the nicest heroine. She’s cold, she’s uncomfortable around people, and she does what she needs to survive. But that’s what I like. She doesn’t hesitate when it comes to making tough choices, and her circumstances have forced her to close herself off. It was great reading from her point of view, and you can honestly see the love she has for those around her, even if she doesn’t show it well. Her journey is remarkable, and I seriously look up to her.

Number 3: Melanie/Wanderer- The Host


Stephanie Meyer gets a lot of hate for Twilight- that’s for another review though- and people often overlook The Host. Melanie is a strong character who fights for her survival. You get inside her head and you root for her. That’s why the introduction of Wanderer makes it complicated, because you end up rooting for both of them, wanting happiness for both of them. Wanderer is a beautiful character, shy and loving, who only wants to fit in and belong. She’s treated as an outsider but never lets it turn her bitter. Her innocence is really sweet, and I seriously fell in love with her character.

Now for number 2 (getting close): Karou- Daughter of Smoke and Bone


Karou is like my spirit animal. She’s so refreshing as a character, just a normal teenager going to college, dealing with an irritating ex and basically just trying to live her life. Except for the secret life she has hiding where no one can see. I love her relationship with her adoptive family; they were never anything less than her loving, eccentric family. She’s also really sassy and witty, with her wild blue hair, and she’s a bit of a badass too. (Do I notice a recurring theme?)


Number 1: Scarlett O’Hara- Gone With The Wind


This is my ultimate favourite novel. And the main reason for that is Scarlett. As a character, she is deplorable. She’s spoiled, petty, cruel, selfish, and pretty much any other negative characteristic you can list. It’s like the author wanted people to suffer through the novel, following a really unlikable character in her point of view. But the author did a fantastic job with Scarlett. She is such a complex character, and rarely do authors paint their protagonist in such a negative, albeit realistic, light. Not everyone is angelic, and Scarlett’s upbringing means she’s used to winning and getting what she wants. Gifts. Suitors. You name it. The premise of the Civil War really shows her growth (or lack of? Dun Dun Dunnnnn) as a moral human being through such hardships. Also, she is pretty rude and isn’t afraid to speak her mind and basically give the finger to society. Which I absolutely adore. Despite her flaws, she is a strong female character, and I think the only character I hated so much I actually loved.


So, that was my list of Top5 female protagonists. Here’s a runner-up list, just because picking only 5 is mega hard and I panicked:

Theresa Grey- The Infernal Devices

Elizabeth Bennet- Pride and Prejudice

Deryn Sharp- Leviathan

Harper- Saving June.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your Top5s in the comments below, and we’ll discuss.Don’t forget your cup of tea!




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