Top5s Thursday

Hello again, my lovelies. Today brings my next installment of Top5s Thursday, in which I list my top five things in a random category. Sorry for the late posting, I was uber busy with some super important college stuffs.

For today, I’m going to do TWO Top5s, because why the hell not? Also, they kind of overlapped, which I didn’t want, so I decided to do two separate lists, with (almost) no overlap. They kind of go together, and you’ll see why.


So, let’s start with the protagonists. I’ll keep it short and sweet, because I’m lazy and it’s 1 a.m.

At number 5: Skullduggery Pleasant- Skullduggery Pleasant series

I seriously love this series. And the main reason for that is Skullduggery. He’s seriously cool, incredibly smart and super witty. I love his attitude, and he’s absolutely hilarious. His relationship with Valkyrie is so special because he never treated her like an immature child, they were always partners in crime.

At number 4: Hamlet- Hamlet

Hamlet is such a complex character. His need to avenge his father unhinges him, and in true Shakespearean style, he dies along with pretty much everyone else at the end of the play. It’s a little unusual, that I’ve added a play in this list, but I love Hamlet too much to ignore him. There has been some disagreement over Hamlet’s age- whether he’s a teen about to become King or whether he’s far older- but I personally pictured him as a teen/young man. Not sure why, but it’s probably because of that Simpsons episode where Bart is Hamlet. Or maybe because he felt like a young guy to me? Who knows?

At number 3: Holden Caulfield- The Catcher in the Rye

Holden has a special place in my heart. I read this book at a point in my life that I wouldn’t want to reflect on, and I found that I related to Holden’s struggles so much. As a teenager, that is. Not as a young guy, because I most definitely am not a young guy. He embodied all the angst I felt as a teenager, and I didn’t find him whiny or irritating, like many people do, because I could relate to the feelings of helplessness and restlessness.

On to number 2: Harry Potter- The Harry Potter series

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t not include Harry. Again, I read this at a crucial point of my early development (or, in less fancy terms, when I was a dumbass kid reading bigger books for the first time) and it was, I believe, the first series I ever got fully invested in. I love Harry, because I loved watching him grow while going on his adventures with him. As my all-time favourite ‘Chosen One’, I’ll always remember Harry and the fact that I wanted to be part of his posse so. Freaking. Bad.

And now, drum roll please:

Number 1: John Smith/Four- I Am Number Four

Okay. Here’s something you should know about me. I LOVE anything to do with special powers. From comic book superheroes to characters in Avatar: the last Airbender. I just love powers. Now, couple that with a good-looking, strong male teenager. Just imagine. I cannot tell you how much I love John. Because I find the scenes where the Garde use their powers so cool, and John seriously kicks ass, it’s no wonder I think he’s such a badass character. As well as that, he calls the shots. People, especially people in authority, end up looking to him. Like, damn.

And here are the runner-up characters, because seriously guys how in the hell do I just pick five?!

Rhett Butler- Gone With The Wind

Percy Jackson- Percy Jackson series

Mr Rochester- Jane Eyre

Macbeth- Macbeth


And now for part two, my top 5 book crushes. Major fangirling ahead.

At number 5: Alexander Barrington- The Bronze Horseman

I’ve said it before. I  love WWII settings. I also love romance. So mix those two together? Boom, you get me lying catatonic on the ground from a fangirling overdose. Not that I wish to romanticise war in any way, but there’s a special relationship between two people who meet during the war, particularly when they can’t be together as often as they like. Did I mention that Alex is a soldier? A young, gorgeous soldier? In the Russian army? *Drools*. I wanted him for myself. He wasn’t perfect behaviour-wise, sometimes, but it was realistic and made me love him more. In a totally inappropriate way. Winky face.

At number 4: Will Herondale- The Infernal Devices

As much as I love Jem and hate love triangles- because I hate picking sides- I actually found myself leaning more towards Will. I don’t know why, but I seriously adore the bad boy characters who are sarcastic, funny and bad ass. Will personifies all of those things, and I crushed on him hard. Team Will all the wayyyyyyyy.

At number 3: Philip/ Earl of Wescott- Forever After (Jill Gregory)

Now, this book will be saved for another Top5s and probably a review, because it really isn’t well known at ALL, but it’s one of my favourite books of all time. It only has 190 ratings on Goodreads! If you like romance, you will LOVE this book. On to Philip. Philip is another bad boy character; a little mean, snarky, brooding, and so damn sexy. Everyone’s afraid of him and he’s used to it. But then Camilla comes along and challenges him, and I love watching her tear his walls down. I want myself a Philip. Right now.

Number 2: Edward Cullen- Twilight

I don’t care what anyone says. I still to this day stand by Twilight. I got the book for Christmas at the age of 12, and I was OBSESSED. It was the most romantic book I had ever read up to that point (yeah, I know the romance is possessive and creepy and teaches young girls blah blah blah) and I fell in love with Edward. I wanted to be Bella. Like really badly. And I had such a huge crush on Edward, it was ridiculous. But like I said, people can shit all over the book as much as they want but I don’t care, because I loved it at 12, and I’ll stick by it. Not the movie though. Good God, I’m not a complete maniac.

AND FOR MY NUMBER 1 (Sorry about this):

Number 1: John Smith- I Am Number Four


I tried not to overlap. I honestly did. But I simply could not leave John out of either list. I mean look at that cover poster. Just look at it. The movie was absolute piss, but if there’s one thing they got right, it’s the casting. I have a HUGE crush on Alex Pettyfer. You know what it did to my poor heart when I saw him playing my one true love John Smith? It detonated it. I was incoherent. I was a fangirl with superpowers. I was thrilled. My love for John Smith really makes no sense, out of the many, many book I’ve read. But like I said, mix seriously cool powers with handsome boys (cough cough Mr Pettyfer) and you have me, in a puddle on the floor. Show ’em, Katy:


So, that’s it for this week. Let me know if you have any major crushes too, or if any of my favourite protagonists make your list. Peace out!


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