Top5s Thursdays

Guys! It’s Thursday! You know what that means? I’M ON TIME WITH THIS POST! I’d ask for a high-five, but you can’t high-five across the interwebs. So I’ll just go ahead and high-five myself. Loving life.

So, as I frantically try to find time to finish the books I’m reading, here’s a new Top5s to get by with. I’ve got to put something out, isn’t that the whole point? Honestly, what even is this blog? Sigh. Anyways, this week’s random-ass topic is TOP 5 MALE POV BOOKS. This is a weird one, but my reasoning for this is that there are PLENTY of books (particularly YA) that have female protagonists, in their POV. In fact, you almost forget that YA can be read by boys too, it’s just that female-orientated. Which is sad. If not female POV, then authors usually go third-person on your ass but still manage to make it seem like a female is the lead. So, here is my list of books with an explicitly male POV. Let’s get to it!


At number 5: Going Bovine- Libba Bray

Cam is an ordinary teenage boy, who finds out that he’s going to die. What ensues is his pursuit for a cure with a group of bonkers companions. I loved this book, and the reason why it’s on my list is because Cam is just so ordinary, and real, and doesn’t want to die without experiencing life a little more. He goes on a road trip. He falls in love. And we get to experience it all. It was refreshing reading this, because usually these kinds of mad books are written in the POV of quirky teenage girls.

At number 4: Boys Don’t Cry- Malorie Blackman

This book is soooooooooooo important. Why, you ask? Well, not only does it deal with the serious topic of teenage pregnancy, but it handles it from a young guy’s point of view, left with his infant daughter, after the girl he slept with decides she can’t do it anymore. This topic doesn’t get talked about in literature nearly enough, and it fascinated me. I have read stories about unwanted pregnancies from female perspectives, but never have I been in a guy’s head as he must face up to the consequences of unprotected sex. Dante is a cool, popular guy; vain, self-absorbed and overly confident. It was amazing watching him struggle as a young father, his highs, his lows, his anger at his daughter and finally, his growth as a person. I strongly recommend.

Number 3: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children- Ransom Riggs

Jacob is teenager that faces anxieties like the rest of us. After his grandfather dies, he travels to Wales with his father in search for some connection to the stories his grandfather told him. There, he encounters mysterious children, and finds more than he expected. Again, it’s really refreshing to read from a young guy’s perspective. Their insecurities differ from females, and the way they fall in love differs too. I really liked his character; an ordinary guy thrown into a whole new world. This book is one of my favourites, so read it if you haven’t.

Number 2: I Am The Messenger- Marcus Zusak

I’m 97.4% sure I mentioned this book somewhere, another Top5s maybe? But I’m too lazy to check so forgive me if I repeat myself. The reason I love this book is because of Ed’s POV. He is an ordinary young adult, living in a crummy place with his dog, struggling to pay bills with his taxi-driving job. Again, I just loved how real his character is, it just proves how unused I am to being inside a male character’s head. He’s in love with his best friend, he thinks about his future, about sex, about his relationship with his friends. And then he finds out that he has a job to do, one that he’s completely unprepared for. This book doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t; Ed never becomes this spiritual, philosophical, wise man. He pretty much screws up almost everything he tries and he has no idea what he’s doing, but that’s what makes him so realistic. It feels like Ed could be a person I meet in my everyday life and I liked being in his head.

And for my number 1: The Catcher in the Rye- J.D Salinger

I’m about 98.7% sure I gushed about Holden as a character I love somewhere else in this God-forsaken blog, but again I ain’t got the energy to check so apologies. Anyway, there’s no such thing as over-gushing over a character. Book readers unite. Holden epitomizes teenagehood. That’s the one sentence I’d use to describe him. Ok, perhaps not all of us experienced the crisis he did trying to find himself, and of course 50% of us were never hormonal teenage boys, but that doesn’t matter. I for one could relate to him so well, but the great thing is is that he is a guy going through all those stresses and insecurities. It’s always nice to be in the head of a girl that went through similar things to me, and I like to relate, but it’s so lovely to see what goes on in guys’ heads and how they cope with struggles, and Holden is the perfect character for that. Not everyone will relate to Holden, but as a character I thought he was brilliantly written. I don’t know why YA is so female-focused, because rarely do we get to see the world through young guys’s eyes, unless it’s a middle school book like Percy Jackson, but come on. More representation, please?

So, there ya go. That was my list of top 5 male POV, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a review or two up. Next week (I know I keep saying it, but it will happen I swear!) I’ll be doing some Halloween-related book reviews, as well as two or three Halloween-esque Top5s. See you soon!


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