Top5s Thursday- Halloween Edition

Salutations! Guess what day it is? No it’s not Halloween. It’s Friday. You know what that means? I destroyed my streak of posting Top5s posts on fricking Thursday. There is something wrong with me. Anyhoo…

It’s almost Halloween! So as promised, I’ll have a few lists and reviews of books that get me in the Halloween mood. Now, bear in mind that I haven’t read many scary scary books, but I do have a few that creeped me out plenty. I should really read more, I love everything to do with horror. Any suggestions? Let me know below!

Here is my first list of the week: TOP 5 ZOMBIE BOOKS!

For some reason, I’ve read quite a few zombie books. Maybe it’s because of the zombie craze that swept through the bookverse in the last few years. Who knows? In this list, I’ll leave out the books *coughs* ( particularly YA) that include zombies but aren’t creepy or deep enough for my liking per se. So let’s get to it:

At number 5: I Am Legend- Richard Matheson

Okay, I know this book is about vampires. But I only had four books in this list and I needed one more. Also, I love the movie and they’re very zombie-like there and….stop judging me. Anyway, I love this book because it’s all about him versus them. It delves into what it feels like to grasp onto humanity when humanity is all but gone. And it’s pretty terrifying, waiting for the last of humanity to either survive or disappear without a trace. I loved the twist at the end, and also, for all its differences from the book, the movie is pretty kick ass and I love it. I mean, Will Smith. Mmm-hmmm.

At number 4: The Enemy- Charlie Higson

This is a YA book, but it isn’t as lame as I expected it to be. Keeping in mind that the books go downhill from this first one in the series (or trilogy?), I thought that this book was pretty strong. It’s fascinating reading about how young teenagers survive a zombie apocalypse which affects every adult. So if you enjoy group dynamics and survival, you’ll like this book as much as I did. Plus, it hits hard with the zombie madness and death and stuff. That’s always a bonus.

At number 3: The Girl With All The Gifts- M. R Carey

I read this book in the summer, and I really liked it. The premise was fascinating- a disease strikes the population, and a group of children are tested to see if they can “reclaim” humanity, in order to find a cure. I loved the idea, and although in a Goodreads review I mentioned the fact that I didn’t like the direction the book went, the ending made up for it. It was very similar to the I Am Legend ending, with a twist that leaves you with a feeling of “Oh. Oh that’s deep.” So read it.

At number 2: The Reapers Are The Angels- Alden Bell

This book does exactly what it says on the tin (so to speak): when it says zombies, it means zombies. It’s incredibly terrifying, sad, and hard-hitting. It would actually be my number one, but the one I want to put there just beat it by a margin. My main reason for loving this book is that it is picture-perfect; if it was a movie, it would be perfect. It reads like a movie, and it hits all the right emotions. I love a survivor’s perspective, and the fact that the book doesn’t hold back with the horrors of a zombie apocalypse makes this book a fantastic read.

And, for my number 1: This Is Not A Test- Courtney Summers

This is perhaps one of my favourite books ever. I want to say that I don’t say that lightly, but that’s a lie because I fall in love with books really easily. Regardless, it holds a special place in my heart as one of my favourite books. Why? Well, let’s see. It is so subtle, and the six high-school protagonists aren’t chased by zombies the whole book but locked together away from them. This perspective allows us to really delve into the psychological effects of a zombie attack, as well as power play and group dynamics. This is also a movie-perfect novel, and it just feels so REAL, I couldn’t get over it when I read it. I love how the relationship of the students is explored before they are shoved out of their sanctuary to face the actual zombies. I love how no one is perfect, and they clash with each other, because that is realistic. I love the blend of terror, death, jealousy, dislike and sexual tension that the book offers. I love the feelings of fear and despair I felt when I read it, and I love the ambiguous ending. Now, that I don’t say lightly. I’m not that fond of open endings, but this one was perfect. So if you like the idea of zombies but aren’t interested in reading 300+ pages of people running away from them screaming, then this book is for you. I strongly, strongly recommend.

That’s all, folks! Thanks for tuning in to this Top5s Thursday (Friday), and I’ll have another list for you tomorrow, as well as two or three special book reviews and hopefully something cool on Halloween. Bye for now!


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