Top5s- Halloween Edition

Why, hello there! Are you in the Halloween mood? Are you? I am! And because I’ve caught Halloween fever, here’s another Top5s for you. Now, this isn’t really a scary list, even though the topic sounds like it will be. I think it’s safe to say that I should probably read more. But more of that later. Here goes:

The list for today: TOP5 VAMPIRE BOOKS! 

Let’s get to it:

At number 5: The Reformed Vampire Support Group- Catherine Jinks

If you’re looking for a dark, gritty book about vampires, this isn’t for you. But if you want a hilarious, witty portrayal of the life of the undead teenager, then you’ll love it. I really liked this book because it put a new spin on the vampire genre. I don’t really like the hipster types who crap all over any book that centres around vampires that AREN’T like  Dracula- scary, violent and creepy. I like originality, and this book was a very enjoyable read. If you haven’t guessed from the title, it’s a book about a group of vampires that meet up and go through their problems. It’s a really quirky book, so if you want a quick read, I recommend.

Number 4: Twilight- Stephanie Meyer

Okay. If you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking, stop. This book will feature in a few future lists and perhaps have its own review. You know why? Because despite the very obvious flaws this book has, and I mean SERIOUS, I still stand by this book, I have since I first read it and will continue to do so. I know it takes vampires and changes them into sparkly fast beings of smouldering eyes and superpowers, but I don’t care. I loved this book at 12, I read it again recently and have taken it for what it wants to be- a romance with a vampire. I don’t know; I understand the hatred and will join in laughter about how bad this book is, but I can never hate it. Sorry not sorry, I guess?

On to number 3: The Last Vampire- Christopher Pike

Now, although this is YA, it hits closer to home on the whole vampire genre. This series is dark, extremely sombre and a little depressing. Alisa is a vampire used to being alone. She’s hunted by people who want her dead, and we follow her as she tries to hide among humans while avoiding capture. There is violence, action and vampire hunting. What more can you ask for? I read these books a while ago, but I remember being left really sad at the end of every one. Read them!

At number 2: Vampire Academy- Richelle Mead

This series won’t go down in history as fantastic vampire books, but hot damn are they fun stuff. I like the way the book describes the relationship between Dhampirs (half vampires) and vampires. The books are full of action, romance, and a sarcastic, hilarious protagonist who I loved following. Plus, there are some freaking cool scenes in the books that really stuck with me. Just a bit of fun, but really great reads for lovers of YA and a lighter take on vampires.

And at number 1: Let The Right One In- John Ajvide Lindqvist

This is the only book on my list that can be classified as a proper vampire book. I would have included I Am Legend too, but I already cheated and put that in another list. Sue me. Anyway, this book is tough. By that, I mean it really hits you with those feelings of melancholy. Take the fact that Oskar is an outcast, bullied and alone, and mix that with his befriending of a young girl who happens to be a vampire. The book focuses on Oskar’s psyche, his relationship with a vampire and his struggle to connect to the world. I loved it because it hurt me. I loved it because it was subtle, and never hit me over the head with mad vampire cliches. I liked how we were left as clueless as Oskar throughout the book, and I love the ending. So read it, go on!


And that’s it for now! Before I finish, I’d like to add a mini disclaimer: I know it’s a major sin that I haven’t read Dracula yet, but it’s on my Christmas list! I’m sure it’ll fit on the list somewhere, so let’s stick it at 1.5 for now. Also, I want to read grittier vampire novels, so if anyone has suggestions, give ’em to me! Now, next up I’ll have one or two more lists (something along the lines of angels/demons?) and some special reviews for Halloween. Thanks for sticking around!



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