Thoughts-On Topics

New Feature: Thoughts-On Topics

Oh, hello! Didn’t see you there. Was too busy trying to sell my soul to the devil in exchange for immunity from the HELL that is university. Too much? Oh. I mean I’ve been super duper busy with my super thought-stimulating college work! *giggles*. Better. Sip your tea, reader. Mini breakdown over.

Where was I? Oh yes! I’m writing to present a new feature on this god-awful blog of mine called “Thoughts-On”. Basically, I’m not restricting these to any day of the week (because my time-keeping is piss poor) and they’re going to be rants of sorts on any topics I deem fit to include. These will reflect my thoughts on things to do with books, movies, adaptations, reading vs other hobbies, you name it! In all honesty, I just want to include something different in this blog and not limit it too much to just reviews (which I barely do) and Top5s Thursdays (more like Fridays, am I right?).

So, if I miss a Top5s one week, I’ll throw in a Thoughts-On instead, as well as a book review if I have time. I’ll have loads more reviews during Christmas break, promise. I’ve got lots of shit to read!

So that’s it for now. Look out for my discussions/rants. Thanks for reading (all 6 of you so far that follow me.¬†You go Glen Coco).

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