Top5s Thursday

Hey strangers. I’d like to make two points before I get into the actual list:

  1. Firstly, I’m on time for this blog entry! YAAAAS! How cool is that? I’d make a speech about how I’ve matured as a blogger and life is finally coming together, but I know that I’ll completely forget about the existence of this blog next week. So, yeah.
  2. Lastly, I just want to say that I can’t for the life of me remember if I called this feature “TOP5s Thursday” or “Top5s Thursdays”, and I’m pretty sure I change it every week. I’m too lazy to check, so apologies for the lack of consistency. I’m a mess 🙂

Now that that’s over with, let’s get into the main discussion. This week I’ll be discussing my TOP 5 BOOK COUPLES! Now, I am a HUGE romantic. I love romance; romance in novels, side romance, shipping characters, anticipating romance, you name it. I’m the kind of gal whose heart will literally ache when I read a scene that I find romantic. I am also prone to tearing up. Romance in novels has officially ruined me.

So, if you’re anything like me, then you’ll know that picking just FIVE couples to put in this list almost killed me. It’s so hard! But I managed to muster up the courage and went through my vast collection of novels to find my top five couples. Here they are:

At number 5: Marnie and Raven- The Raging Quiet (by Sherryl Jordan)

I can’t not mention these two, because their relationship broke my heart. This is a book that I was recommended by a friend, and I finished it in a day. It’ll have a place in my heart forever because it’s so well written and poignant. I think I’ll have this in a Top5s later on, or perhaps its own review because it’s so underrated. Anyway, Marnie is a girl who marries an older man and moves to a new town. Not knowing anybody, far away from her family, Marnie is isolated by a marriage she doesn’t want. Following the death of her husband, the townspeople’s eyes are suddenly on her, and whispers of witchcraft (in a time of fear and mistrust) begin to circulate. Her only friends are the village priest and Raven, a wild you man who is seemingly “mad”. I love how she gets to know Raven, never ostracising him like the other townspeople, and when she realises that he is deaf she sticks by his side. Their relationship honestly broke my heart, and I recommend this book to everyone.

At (joint) number 4: Cress and Thorne- Winter (by Marissa Meyer)/ Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet- Pride and Prejudice (by Jane Austen)

I wrote a review for Winter and I’m pretty sure I gushed about how much I love Cress and Thorne as a couple. Who doesn’t love a slow-building romance? I’m a sucker for two people coming to realise that they have feelings for each other. But it’s slightly different in this case because Cress has this adorable crush on Thorne from the start, and he’s just like “ok…”. I just love how they’re brought together at the end. As for Pride and Prejudice, who doesn’t love the book couple? They are so well-known and so well-loved, and I think it has to do with their love-hate relationship. It’s hilarious how Elizabeth doesn’t put up with Mr Darcy’s bullshit, while he struggles to express his affections like a normal person. Love-hate relationships that turn into romances are one of my favourite tropes in literature, so it’s a no-brainer that these two made my list.



At number 3: Tatiana and Alexander- The Bronze Horseman (by Paullina Simons)

I’m about 99.3% sure I talked about this book somewhere (another Top5s???) and I may have mentioned what it’s about. It’s a love story set in Leningrad, Russia during WWII. The romance between Alexander, who’s a soldier, and Tatiana, a Russian girl from a slightly poor family builds immediately. I love their characters, and I love the backdrop of the war in the book. Not because I like the war being glamorised, but because it heightens the sense of connection between them, considering that they go through so much suffering, separation and near-death. This book made me cry soooo badly. And the ending?


Read it if you want to look like that.

At number 2: Rhysand and Feyre- A Court of Mist and Fury (by Sarah J. Maas)

Okay, I literally just finished this book a few days ago and thank God I did, otherwise I would have had to somehow add it to this list and that would upset the balance, ya know? I’m still suffering from shock and an explosion of the FEELS that this book gave me. Where do I even begin? Firstly, this is another one of those relationships that builds and builds, and you begin praying to every god out there that they just STOP MESSING AROUND AND GET TOGETHER ALREADY! I love how Rhys treats Feyre like an equal, I love the scene in which they realise they love each other, and I LOVE the banter between them. They are literally so cute together, it made me tear up whenever they even spoke. I’m pathetic, yeah. But romance does that to you.

And, for my number 1: Philip and Camilla- Forever After (by Jill Gregory)

This couple topped my list by a long mile, because in my opinion no couple comes close to these two. This is literally a maid-turned-princess story, where a lowly servant girl falls for a guy in a far higher place in society. The romance between the two just builds and builds, and we’re beaten up with moments of sexual tension, banter and a love-hate relationship (which I already established that I ADORE). Plus, Philip is one of those bad-boy characters that makes you swoon, and Camilla is a badass who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stands up to Philip when everyone else is too afraid to. Oh, I could all day talking about these two, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll leave you with this:


And that’s all, folks! No wait, it isn’t. Because I truly struggled to pick just 5, so here are my runner-ups:

Xavier and Crystal- Seeking Crystal (Joss Stirling)

Persephone and Callum- Noughts and Crosses (Malorie Blackman)

Will and Lyra- The Amber Spyglass (Philip Pullman)

Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester- Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)

Wanderer and Ian- The Host (Stephanie Meyer)

Edward and Bella- Twilight (Stephanie Meyer) (Sorry, I had to. Problems aside, I still stand by this book. Fight me 😀 )

Thanks for taking the time to read! If you have any couples that you adore, let me know. Bye for now!




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