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Thoughts on: Reading in college

Salutations and all that jazz. It’s Friday! You know what that means?


If any of you are, or were, avid reading college students, I really hope you can relate to some of the things I’m going to discuss today. Exams are a-coming. Holy shit. College life is stressful enough with all this work stuff, who knew?

This summer, I read a lot of books. And I mean A LOT. Think of it as an attempt to catch up on all the reading college stole from me from January to May. It’s like a force that slowly drains you of your reading powers. And when my exams finished, all these books flew at me like a boomerang and I had a fantastic summer of reading and doing nothing else. So there’s little ‘ol me, reading along, when suddenly summer comes to an end. And, you know. I was super positive. I was expecting that I would at least put aside a few hours a week to keep up with recreational reading when I started college in August. What happened then? Reality punched me in the throat, that’s what. 

I’ve been finding it really difficult to read at the rate that I’m used to. It feels like every hour I find myself free is dedicated to doing other things. Even finding the willpower to open a book and read a chapter incites this kind of panic in me. Because who wants to feel guilty about not doing college work, when you sit down with a book for an hour? Especially as I study English; reading texts for my lectures is difficult enough too. I have to choose between reading that one YA book everyone is raving about, an 18th century novel for my English essay, or other important college-related stuff. And it is very hard, seeing as I don’t feel complete when I’ve only read one or two books in three weeks. It feels wrong. Important as priorities are, reading for fun is a priority. So why is it so difficult? There is one very simple reason:

There just isn’t enough time.

There isn’t enough time in the day to keep up with all the books that are being released. Not enough time to read books on my TBR pile. Definitely not enough time to read and review books that I’ve really wanted to all summer, because it takes a month to finish three books that I’ve borrowed from the library. Maybe it’s my timekeeping that’s the problem (seriously I mention timekeeping in every blog, what the hell is wrong with me?) or maybe it’s me being too hard on myself. Maybe I’m subconsciously putting off reading, because I really have other things to do. All of these come down to the problem of time.

Do you ever feel pressured to read more? It feels like everyone and their grandmother are reading at least a book a week. I’m wondering if it’s just in my mind, or if other college students (or any students, for that matter) are finding it just as hard to keep on reading. It’s easy to feel discouraged. I’m a pessimist at heart, sometimes. But it’s not all doom and gloom:


I look forward to coming home and squeezing in some quiet reading before bed. I like prioritising what I’m going to read, instead of trying to cram in everything and anything. I love taking a book with me everywhere, be it college, work, or a friend’s house. I like the sense of satisfaction I get when I finish a book and can rate the shit out of it on Goodreads, and then watch as I epically fail to write an essay in one night because I was too busy enjoying A Court of Mist and Fury (true story.)

And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter whether it takes me a month to read a book or a week, or if I have to choose between reading and doing something really important, like studying *coughs*. Because even if I tell myself I literally can’t read a book anymore due to commitments, I always find ways to sneak a read. I’m a reader at heart. And I can always look forward to the little things, like an ENTIRE CHRISTMAS BREAK WHERE I CAN DO NOTHING BUT READ, HOOZAH!

So if you’re like me, I get it. If you were like me, I get it. And if you’re nothing like me and are perfectly fine reading while in college, then


Sorry about the meaninglessness of this blog entry. I had no idea what I wanted to talk about, all I knew is that I wanted to get this off my chest. I’ll have more positive thoughts-on topics coming in later weeks, promise! Thanks for reading! 😀


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on: Reading in college

    1. Yeah the struggle is real! What I’ve been doing lately is reading my college texts during the weekends, and my other (leisure) reading I sneak into the week. I usually carry a book with me to read in between my free periods, at work etc. I also read at night, so if I my whole day had to be dedicated to college work, I have a few hours before bed to sneak in a read. So far it’s worked for me, but I do find myself falling behind in one or the other *cries*.

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  1. Hmm! Interesting. I might start doing that. I sometimes sneak in a little bit of reading during “me” time. A little awkward to read while have a face mask on though. I feel that I read so little as compared to when I initially started university (I am in my fourth year now), but I have recently felt a yearning to go back to huddling in my room with a good book.

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    1. I know that feeling! I’m always a little disappointed when I can’t find time to read, but carrying a book around to read at any free moments really helps. If I had the option to huddle in my room with a book without college to stress over, I’d never leave 😀


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