Movie Mondays

New Feature: Movie Mondays

I admit it. I have a problem. Barely able to keep up with all these blog topics? No problem, I’ll just add more! It’s actually all part of my master plan: the more topics I have, the more opportunities  I have to completely miss a bunch of stuff and then throw a blog in without losing face. Crap, I’ve revealed all. Oh well.


I’m sitting here with a glass of whiskey (ok, tea) at…..4 a.m. in the morning, and instead of sleeping like a normal person I’ve decided instead to expand my blog (A.K.A add even more pressure on myself) by adding a new feature. *Sips*

The basic premise is that I’ll use this space to talk about book adaptations into films; but I’m not just limiting myself to that. I’ll talk about plays. I’ll talk about recent films that I’ve seen. And most importantly, I’ll discuss TV shows (probably episode by episode?) based on books- most specifically the vampire diaries, #SLAYED- because why the hell not? I would have dedicated that to a “TV Tuesday” or something, but quite frankly I’d rather leave that day free for something in future. Okay, I’m lying. I meant that I’ve had enough of time limits and strange alliteration. Much truth. Very wow. *Chugs glass*

My main reason for doing this? I’d like to put something meaningful here, but honestly it’s just because I love adaptations. Also, more importantly, I’m seeing Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them this week and HOLY SWEET JESUS IN A MANGER I AM SO EXCITED I MEAN I LITERALLY CRY WHEN THE TRAILER COMES ON. 

Now these won’t be on every week for the time being, because I’ve got plenty to of important stuffs to be doing which I most certainly am not. But hey, I’m only human. A very lazy, over-procrastinating, book obsessed human. I represent the best of us. *Cries into empty glass*

And that’s it! Thanks so much for your support (if you’ve followed me for a bit) or, if you’re just stopping by and have no idea what’s going on, just know that I don’t either! Hell, half the time I even forget I started a blog. *Curls up in a corner* 

I’ll stop now. Have a nice day!


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