Top5s Thursday

Do mine eyes deceive me? Have I actually posted a Top5s Thursday on an actual Thursday? No, of course not. Blogging rocks!

I’m sitting here with a sweet white wine cup of tea at midnight on a cold Friday morning, and I suddenly remembered that I have indeed made a blog and have indeed promised myself to stick with it.

But oh my goodness, can I not keep up with these hastily passing days. Is it December already? 2017 is almost here! Crap.

Anyway, this week I’ve decided to keep it short and sweet, and maybe a little boring, unless you have the same interests as me. Any English scholars in the house? 🙂 Today I will be discussing my TOP 5 SHAKESPEAREAN PLAYS!!!! Here I was, rapidly cramming for my upcoming exams, hastily reading through a Shakespearean play with a face like this:


and that got me thinking: “What am I doing with my life?”

No, not really. Instead it got me thinking about how much I love Shakespeare. My appreciation heightened in high school, where I was forced to study his work. I will say that I had a particular hatred for anything I had to study for English class, so I was uncertain whether I hated Shakespeare’s work or hated the way I had to study them. So I decided to read some of his other plays independently, outside of class. And I realised how much I actually enjoy them. Am I the only one???

So here are five of my favourites. I noticed while planning this blog that they are all tragedies. But aren’t those just the best? #sorrynotsorry

At number 5: Romeo and Juliet

This is one of the plays that I went on my merry way and read outside of class. A little strange, considering I was fourteen. But I’m just a hipster like that 😀 I am one of those people who will defend Romeo and Juliet when others criticise it. Is it a great love story? I think so. It is a little messed up (ok, a lot) but I take the stance that it IS a love story, rather than a horror tale of lust. Or, more specifically, it’s a little bit of both. Because I love the romance between Juliet and Romeo, even though people cry that they are really young. And I love how Shakespeare makes love consume them, until it destroys them. Much deep. Very wow.

At number 4: King Lear

King Lear is an epic tale of ignorance, metaphorical blindness and honesty. I studied this play this semester, and I loved the relationship between the corrupt sisters, the proud king and his honest youngest daughter. It’s a fantastic exploration of corruption and surface appearance, and definitely lives up to its name as one of the great Shakespearean tragedies. Wow, this feels like an English essay introduction. What is college doing to me??

At number 3: Othello

I studied this play in my last year of high school. I studied it to death. Did that get a bit dreary? Oh, definitely. But did it take away from my love of the play? It tried, but it just couldn’t. Othello is such an interesting play, again focusing on the power of love and blindness. Othello’s character shift is heartbreaking, and the characters in this play felt so real to me. Othello’s racial struggle and mental breakdown always fascinated me, and are quite relevant today. This play will never cease to amaze me, and if you haven’t read it (and are interested in reading Shakespeare’s type of “ye olde Englishe” in your spare time) then go on and give it a go.

At number 2: Hamlet

How can I talk about Shakespeare and not discuss Hamlet? This is another play that I read in my spare time, because I was disappointed I wouldn’t be studying it in school. I had it finished within a day, and boy did it affect me. Where do I even begin? Hamlet as a character is brilliant. I’ve mentioned him in a previous top 5 post, because he is one of my favourite male protagonists. I imagine him to be young enough (I know that there is some uncertainty about this); his descent into despair at the task of avenging his father’s death is so interesting to explore. I also love his personality, and out of all of Shakespeare’s characters he feels the most human. I’m not really sure why this is. Also, Hamlet has one of the greatest endings to any play, in my opinion.

And, at number 1: Macbeth

I simply cannot put Macbeth anywhere else on this list but at first place. I LOVE MACBETH. Back in my beautiful high school days, we performed Macbeth in the local theatre. I played King Duncan (Duncan represent!) and we had to go through multiple script readings, background research and adaptation screenings. And I simply fell in love with everything about it. I also studied it this semester in my good ‘ol English seminar, even writing an essay that I had complete interest in (I’m not going to lie. It gets bo-RING). What do I love about it? I love Macbeth’s character change. I love the supernatural elements interspersed throughout. I love Lady Macbeth, and just how evil she appears. And finally, I love how deeply psychological the play is, because it offers an accurate portrayal of emotional collapse. Well done, Shakespeare. This play will forever remain my favourite early modern tragedy, because there are endless things to explore.

And there you have it! Sorry about the randomness of this list, but I wanted to do something relevant to me now, as well as a quick topic that I really love. Have you got favourites? Let me know below! Thanks for reading!*

*Just a random P.S. to say that I was rereading this blog entry and noticed it was littered with embarrassing spelling mistakes. I was super sleepy when I wrote this, so I have an excuse. Sorry to anyone who had to witness such a thing. Why I am even mentioning this? Oh no, I’ve said too much. How do you turn this thing off?!


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