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Thoughts On: Why I’ll Probably Never Read Fifty Shades of Grey

Hey there, wildcats!

It’s December 9th, I’m in the midst of exams and life can’t get any worse, you know?


Stay positive, friends.

ANYWAY, I’m here today with a new thoughts-on post, because I haven’t posted anything since Monday. As you can tell from the title, the topic may be controversial, who knows? If you are a die-hard Fifty Shades fan, rest assured that I won’t bash you or the book unnecessarily harshly. I’m just going to give my opinions on the book, its ideas, conception, and things that don’t sit right with me. It isn’t right to judge a book I’ve never even read, but honestly. I have read snippets so I know what I’m working with. Oh boy. Let’s discuss.


Firstly, I know this topic is random but I want to get it off my chest. Just like Anastasia should want to get creepy Christian’s hands off her chest. BOOM.

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Can we talk about the conception of the Fifty Shades trilogy? We all know the story. It began as online fanfiction for Twilight, of all things. Now, I have multiple thoughts about fanfiction which I’ll leave for another thoughts-on topic, but I’ll just say that from the nature of this book, and its starting point, it’s clear to see what kind of fanfiction we’re dealing with here. Yup. The creepy kind.

Anastasia is clearly a discount Bella Swan. Christian is a tortured, sexually frustrated, handsome, creepier version of Edward Cullen. They meet and get it on, R-rating style.

I have nothing against an author being published after writing fanfiction. But the writing at least has to be GOOD. I have read sections of the book (for science, purely) and the writing is atrocious. It sucked the soul out of me, that this book series is one of the highest-selling of all time, and I felt insulted as a reader and a person who appreciates literature. I’m not going to bother quoting long passages here, but just know that the writing is laughable and should never have been printed, at least without proper editing.

Now, onto the juicy topic that drew people to this novel: the sexy times. People like erotica. People like sex. Sex sells, we all know that. And again, I have nothing against a book based entirely on the sexual relationship of two characters being mass circulated in book stores. I have nothing against erotica, and sex- positivity. But the relationship in this book is so problematic.

Not only is the novel a poor excuse of a “bad-boy character who is also a tortured soul who meets a girl capable of changing him” trope, but it handles the topics of consent, BDSM and dominance really, really poorly. Christian, from what I’ve gathered, is a manipulative, controlling, egotistical sadomasochist who really shouldn’t be allowed to own his own sex toy room. There’s a difference between mysterious and sexy and abusive and sex-obsessed. The very idea of a physical contract in which he gets permission to do things to Anastasia should ring alarm bells, but because he is rich and attractive, Anastasia agrees to it anyway? Like, why?

I’m not going to go into details about a book I haven’t read, because it’s impossible to do that. But I will say that I haven’t gone into this blind. I know what this book does, tries to do and tries to sell. And it is completely problematic to me. Who knows, my reaction could be completely unjustified. Based on Christian’s over-the-top character and the awful writing alone, I think it’s safe to say that I will never read this trilogy. Perhaps in future I’ll give it a go, but I honestly don’t think my book-loving, English student heart can take it.

If my opinions have offended anyone, and you want to tell me I’m wrong, please do! Am I completely far off? Do you agree with me? Is there more to the relationship between Ana and Christian that I’m missing? Let me know below.

Thanks for reading!


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