The Bookshelf: A Perilous Journey

There really is no purpose to this post, I’m just going to rant about how difficult it is to construct a bookshelf. I mentioned earlier that I bought one and finally got around to putting it together. Am I equipped for such a task? Of course not! I am an English student! Where do I even learn these skills? Not at college, let me tell you.

Speaking of college, I tried using my college knowledge to aid me, but quoting Shakespeare just didn’t work. Beowulf also had no result. When these failed, I pulled out the big guns. I tried having a conversation about the female writer in Early Modern England with the scattered pieces of my un-constructed bookshelf. But alas, it was to no avail. It just did not want to respond. It appears that my education is not strong enough for such ventures. It’s by sure book-reader will alone that made me carry on after such a blow.

Image result for damn gif

So there I was, after running around the house gathering tools that I didn’t need but felt safer having, and measuring tapes I also didn’t need but felt important carrying around, with every screw and board laid out around me in neat piles. At this stage, I was feeling like this:

Image result for yes we can gif

And then I opened the instruction booklet. Immediately, I started feeling like this:

Image result for what is this gif

Because I only know the language of Shakespeare, dammit. I can’t handle the code of the engineers.

Image result for tew much gif

So, after two and a half hours of this:

Image result for squinty eyes gif    Image result for squinting gif

I finally manage to put the bottom shelf together.


I kid you not; I literally just attached two pieces of wood together. But God damn, did I feel like this:

Image result for hell yes gif

I then took a well-earned break. After which the real struggle began. After some more of this:

Image result for squinting gif

And a little bit of this:

Image result for my muscles hurt gif

And, most importantly, getting the help of my siblings with some of this:

Image result for come on gif

I managed to build half a bookshelf! Let’s just say that we were feeling a lot like this afterwards:

Image result for missed high five gif  Because let’s face it, they’re as useless as I am.

And then it got too late and I was told off for unnecessarily loud hammering (because it’s like 12 a.m and I had to use the back of a screwdriver; hammer decided to run away without leaving a note. The bastard.)

Image result for hammering gif

Image result for I'm injured gif (May have got my fingers in the process.)

So, after three long hours, I have half a bookshelf constructed and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. A little bit empowered. If I can do this as an English student, what can’t I do? I can conquer the universe! Always challenge yourself. It’s a whole lot worth it.

Image result for i'm the king of the world

And here is me now:

Image result for relax gif

Thanks for reading! If you have the same problems with this uber-technical bookshelf construction, let me know!


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