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Thoughts On: How I Rate Books (Goodreads, Y’all)

Hi there, fellow blogger! If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I haven’t posted a Thoughts-on post in CENTURIES because I’ve been doing other stuff, like, you know, lazing around. No excuses really, despite a whole list of ideas floating in my brain. Regardless, I’ll write more of these in the months to come. Don’t quote me on that.

If you’re reading a post by me for the first time, then sweet holy Jesus don’t expect anything jaw-dropping or amazing in any way. Not even sure what I’m doing half the time. But thanks for stopping by! Where was I? Oh yes.

Today’s topic will be short and sweet, because I feel guilty for not posting in a while and more importantly, it’s like 1 in the A.M. and girl’s got to get herself some sleep.

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I’m just going to have a brief discussion on how I rate books, not that anyone asked for this titillating information or even really cares. Yay! So basically, when it comes to rating books, I am in no way a particularly careful or even mature rater. Let me explain:

There are really amazing bloggers, vloggers or just readers in general who have sophisticated ways of rating books, and are careful about how they distinguish between a five star book and a four star book. Some even have separate Goodreads shelves for the books they gave five stars to, because those books are the best of the best and they ain’t gonna give out no five star rating to a book that didn’t quite reach the mark.

And I can say, with a certainty, that I am NOT one of those people. Quite simply, I have no intricate system when it comes to rating books. I am not the type of person to evaluate a book based on a number of criteria such as writing, character development, plot, genre, etc. Not by a long shot. I’m not that organised or sophisticated.

In short, my rating goes something like this:

1 star: What the bloody hell was that? Never again. (rarely used, haven’t found many books worth this kind of hatred).

2 stars: What the bloody hell was that? (More commonly used). I reserve this for books that disappointed me in a huge way, books that were overhyped and I couldn’t get into, books that make no sense or books that just didn’t interest me at all.

3 stars: Meh. That’s it. I just think of this rating as my “meh” rating. This is reserved for books that I liked but didn’t love or hate. An average book for me.

4 stars: That was pretty freaking good. This is my most common rating, methinks. I reserve this for books that were seriously good, but just fell short of a 5-star rating. This is usually due to slow starts, writing, plots that didn’t completely fascinate me, etc.

5 stars: OH MY GOD WHAT IS THIS BOOK WHAT ARE THESE FEELS DID THE ANGELS THEMSELVES BESTOW THIS BOOK ON ME IN THE LIGHT OF HEAVEN OR HAVE I DIED I MEAN WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIFE WHO EVEN AM I WHAT EVEN IS THE UNIVERSE?? So, as you can tell, a book has to be pretty good to get onto my 5-star A-list. But there’s one problem with that:

I am too easily pleased.

I base the 5 star rating solely on if I loved a book or not. Call me naive, but I willingly overlook small flaws or minor grievances I had with a book if it blows my mind in other aspects. Basically, I never really stop to think about whether a book REALLY deserves five stars or if I’m being a bit too hasty. Because of this, my 5-star list on Goodreads is absolutely humongous, and I’ve often wondered if I should become more mature about how I rate books. But then I think, “screw that shit” and laugh maniacally into the distance.

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I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to adopt a more concise system for rating books, because I find it fun to rate based on how much a book made me feel, rather than a list of specific criteria. Needless to say, I’m not the most reliable rater. I often love books that others hate, and hate books that others love. But at the end of the day, a reader’s opinions are subjective. I appreciate the readers who take the time to carefully think about how they wish to rate a book, because heaven knows I wasn’t born with this level of dedication or sophistication. I also appreciate all the book babies who throw out 5 stars like there’s no tomorrow:

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I’m not that pleased that we’re restricted to five stars on Goodreads, though. Because I do have a slight hierarchy of 5-star ratings that I sometimes wish I could clarify. It’s ok though, because at the end of the day all my 5-star babies are there for a reason, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So I just carry on throwing out 5 stars left, right and centre like there’s no tomorrow:

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I sometimes throw out half-star ratings to be fancy for the books that are in-between, but that’s about as sophisticated as I can go. But like I said, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Thanks for reading! If you have similar ways of rating books, let me know below. If you’re more careful about how you rate books, I salute you, you champ. Bye for now!*

*Quick, pointless P.S: I read over this freaking post FIVE TIMES and found stupid spelling mistakes every. Single. Time. Note to self: stop writing blog posts at 1 in the morning.*

*Another P.S: I don’t know why I’m even including this. Note to self: stop revealing what a failure you are. Oh God. What if all my other posts have mad spelling errors? To think I’m an English student. Jesus.


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