New Year, New Look, New Rant

Hi there, bloggers! This is just going to be a little mini rant/update about a few insignificant changes to my blog, and how freaking hard it was to carry out these changes. No, not sentimentally. I didn’t cry or anything when I updated my blog, because that would be seriously weird. I mean how hard it was to get technology to work with me. Because online stuff and I get along like cats and mice. Meaning, not at all. Meaning, I’m the mouse and online stuff is the cat and it tries to kill me at any chance it gets.


So, if you’ve followed me for a while, hopefully you’ve noticed a bit of a change of appearance. If not, then I slaved for hours for nothing 🙂 *eye twitches*.

But yeah, I decided to update my overall look and format slightly because of two reasons. One, it was getting messy with all my random blog posts being thrown into one place. I’m still quite new to the whole blogging thing (it’s only been half a year! Wait….) And two, I got sick of my other colour scheme and wanted to stir things up a bit. I don’t know if the new look is an eyesore, and I’ll probably change my mind again tomorrow because I’m insane like that, but oh well.

If you have any thoughts on how the blog looks, I’m really open to any positive criticism you offer. Of course, if I end up deleting my blog, changing my name and moving to Peru to herd yaks, just know that it was because I tried to change the colour scheme again and my laptop (and brain) exploded.


In all honesty, it took me hours and hours of hard labour to even figure out what the hell was going on. I had so many problems just trying to fix a header image, because I’m seriously useless. The amount of times I googled “how the flipping heck does WordPress work?!” was laughably crazy. But it’s ok. It’s ok. I had fun updating and having a fresh, more concise start. *eye twitches*.

I really just wanted to get that off my chest, in case any of you were wondering what the hell I went and did with my blog. So, yeah. That’s the rant over with! Oh, and if you’re new to my blog, hi there! I don’t do this often, the ranting. Or do I? *Tumbleweed rolls by*


If you’re still reading, thanks for getting this far! Like I said, I’ll have more stuff out later this weekend. See you soon! Oh, and before I go:



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