Life Update #2- STILL alive, Giveaways, Blogging and More

Yikes. Just after I posted that hasty apology for disappearing for two weeks, and promised to be much more active, I wrote one Movie Mondays post and disappeared again for another two weeks.

What the BLOODY HELL is up with that?

Image result for what the crap gif

I think this blog will slowly turn into a series of posts titled “LIFE UPDATE #103049- STILL ALIVE”, replacing the book reviews and Top5s posts I was supposed to write. Damn.

I’m not going to promise this won’t happen again, because let’s be real here: college is a silent killer and it sneaks up on you all quiet-like, chucking assignments left, right and centre until you’re cowering in the corner in a dark room. Ok, maybe it’s not that bad. But still.

So for now, here is my plan of action: I’ll have as many book reviews out this weekend as I can get through, I’ll have a Movie Monday post out on Monday, and I’m dedicating TUESDAYS to all the book tags/blogger awards I’ve been nominated for, because a good few beautiful bloggers have tagged/nominated me and I need to get through all of them!

I’m also thinking of introducing a few more categories on this blog, that aren’t about books. I’d like to write little bursts about daily life, dealing with college, what’s happening in the world, etc etc. Is that completely out of place here, ROYAL READER? HELL YES. But I don’t really mind 🙂

And finally, I’d like to announce a little book giveaway I’m planning to do once I hit 100 followers. I know that doesn’t seem like a huge amount of followers, but to me that is an amazing number of people who took the time to follow me. And I want to make the giveaway fun, so I have my thinking caps on as to how to create a little adventure out of it. Anyone will have a chance to enter as long as they are a follower.

AND THAT IS ALL FOR NOW! The plan above sounds so simple, so straightforward, that only I can completely mess it up and disappear again for three months. Because to tell you the truth, I barely know what day of the week it is half the time. My days are counted by the deadlines to my assignments (kill me please).

Thank you for reading this if you’ve got this far, gold star for you! I’m off to start planning my future posts. 🙂

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