Trailer Reaction- It (2017)

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Happy Sunday! I’m coming today with a random blog post about the recently released teaser trailer for Stephen King’s It, coming out in September. I’ve watched the trailer over and over again, and I simply have to talk about it!

I’ve said it before on this blog and I’ll say it again: I am a HUGE horror fan. Maybe it’s the adrenaline, maybe it’s a lifelong hyperactivity and love of adventure, or maybe it’s just because I’m super weird. Regardless, I love horror. So when I heard that there would be a brand new adaptation of It coming out, I naturally became extremely excited. The hype for it was so huge last year, and everyone held their breaths while waiting for the first signs of this iconic story. And I was not disappointed.

In case you don’t know, It is a horror novel written by King in 1986. The story follows a group of seven children (and the same group in their adulthood) as they live and re-live the terrifying events that occurred when they were targeted by ‘It’, a creature of unknown origins who hunted children by exploiting their worst fears. Sounds horrifying, right? ‘It’ is very well-known in popular culture, particularly due to the appearance it takes on most often: a clown. Clowns appear to be a prominent source of fear for many people. That’s why the book made such a huge impression. I am not afraid of clowns myself, but I appreciate the creepiness nonetheless.

I watched the first adaptation of It as a child- a two-part miniseries released in 1990. Let’s just say that I was afraid to go anywhere alone for a good long while. I’ve also read about half of the original novel, which I plan to finish later. But this adaptation left some things out of the 1000+ page novel, attempting to cram in as much as possible. As much as I love it, I was seriously thrilled by the prospect of a more modern version. There’s so much more potential, and with the way horror movies are being made these days, I have a feeling that they won’t hold back. Compared to 90s horror, I’m expecting to be scared with a capital S.

Now, onto the trailer:

From the first glance at the teaser photos and the new trailer, I knew they really wanted to exploit the collective fear of clowns. Bill Skarsgard plays Pennywise The Dancing Clown. Tim Curry did a fantastic job in the miniseries, but Skarsgard looks utterly terrifying:

Image result for it stephen king 2017


I’ve heard complaints that the new Pennywise is just a typical “horror character”; that it loses the feel of the novel by making the clown so unrealistically scary, when in fact ‘It’ is supposed to be creepy but still able to attract children. I understand this argument, but regardless I love the new Pennywise. I feel that making ‘It’ so scary is a good move; after all, Pennywise is supposed to exploit the fears of children. Is it too much? Probably. It’s the same as Annabelle, comparing the original raggedy Anne doll the movie is based on to the movie version:

Image result for annabelle doll            annabelle-2-miranda-otto-stephanie-sigman1-rcm672x0u

It’s just what horror movies do. Scare people.

The cast of children is very strong. Based on the trailer, I can see that they will do an amazing job! There are significant comparisons to the miniseries, particularly in the first scene, but it seems…scarier? Also, the trailer does an amazing job of showing little but making you terrified. The subtle glimpses of the red balloon and Pennywise are enough to give you chills, and I love it.

The final scene in the trailer is terrifying; again, it is a typical “horror movie shot”, and I’d know because I’ve seen them all. But that doesn’t matter, because it adds to the hype. Pennywise is meant to be feared, because after all Stephen King is an amazing horror writer. Getting people riled up is what he does. Everything in the trailer screams “we want to scare you”, from the projection scene to the underground sewer scene. That’s what I live for.

To end, here are my expectations for the movie: 

I literally can’t wait. September can’t come quickly enough, and I am expecting to be scared. I really love how this movie appears to just focus on the children’s experience with ‘It’, and not their adult selves. I think I heard that the adult part will be in a sequel, so that’s awesome. It gives us a whole movie dedicated to just the children and ‘It’, which to me is the strongest part of the book and the essence of the story itself.

I am expecting Pennywise to take on a much more hands-on approach in terrifying the children than what was shown in the miniseries. Certain scenes in this new trailer are the same as in the miniseries, but they raise the bar 10x. I’m really excited to see the director push boundaries in 2017, not leave anything out like the miniseries did. I want the film to give a new generation a fear of creepy clowns. I’m expecting I’ll be looking over my shoulder as soon as I leave the cinema, and be terrified of sink drains when I brush my teeth. I’m expecting that level of fear.

My hopes for the movie, based on the trailer? It looks like a solid 9/10 for me. I can’t bring myself to feel anything other than pure excitement. Great trailer.

Check it out here (at your own risk!): It Teaser Trailer


And that’s it for now! I’ll have two book reviews out sometime next week, as well as a Movie Monday tomorrow that I literally can’t wait to write! Thanks for reading, and if you have any thoughts about this new adaptation, let me know below! Let’s start a discussion here. Do you love it? Hate it? I want to know!


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