Life Update #3- STILL ALIVE: CURSED Exams, Upcoming Giveaway, and More!

Hey strangers! I predicted this would happen- I predicted that these “life updates” will become a recurring theme, and I was right because I’m always right when it comes to how hectic my life is πŸ˜€

So, I posted a review for Queen of Shadows a few days ago, all excited to get some new material out, but then exams hit. And boy, did they hitΒ hard.Β So, I kind of had three exams in the span of two days, and I’m not even finished yet. Holy fucking hell, what is the universe trying to do to me??!

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I basically got completely sidetracked with study (sidetracked, lol. It should be a priority) and had to leave my beloved blog behind for a few days. And then as I hovered around the blogsphere doing absolutely nothing, I realised that I had promised a giveaway when I hit 100 followers! And I achieved that a few weeks ago, but haven’t had the time to fulfill my promise because of time constraints.

So, the title isn’t just a clickbait to get you reading this meaningless rant, promise. I am in fact going to host a book giveawayΒ next week for all my followers, and I’m super excited for it! Just wanted to have that out in the open, so look out for it!

I have several reviews, tags and more that I have planned and ready to write, so I will definitely have those out in the following week and whenever I find time in between study. I haven’t gone AWOL, and to be honest I’m not even sure why I’m justifying my absence because it’s not like anyone noticed I was gone πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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(Sorry for that creepy-ass gif above)

This post is basically a quick excuse to rant about college life and exams. Any fellow college babies out there in the midst of exams? Because I feel your pain. I literally bullshitted my way through my first three exams, which isn’t easy because I study psychology too and you can’t bullshit scientific essays. English, sure. But psychology? I’d be a fool to try. But guess what I am?

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And finally, I’ve decided to add a few new features to my blog! Yay! Do you know what kind of disaster that is going to be? I can barely keep up with what I’ve got, but I don’t really care because this is all a work in progress, I’m the master of my own fate, I’m a strong, independent woman, I’m-

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The main new feature won’t be a weekly one, just a sporadic one. And it will be a “Songs of the Week” type deal, where I basically share the music I love at any point in time, great songs for writing to, reading to, you name it. I don’t know if anyone will share my taste in music, but I’m still going to recommend some nice songs that I think should be checked out! The other feature, still half in my mind, is “Poem of the Week”. I’ve decided to try and read more poetry, because for someone who loves writing it I sure don’t read enough. So my goal is to try to read more poetry, both old and new, well-loved and unheard of, and try to draw attention to them here on this blog. Hopefully. I’ll definitely see how that goes, and I really hope I keep up with it.

So, that’s it! Sorry if you came into this expecting a deep, meaningful post about important things. Basically I just wanted to rant, so when I have a blog open and waiting for me….I will rant. Using words. And the occasional gif. Or two. Or twenty. In summary, I’ll post more soon, there’s a giveaway coming up and I’m going to start talking about songs and poems more, because why the hell not, Royal Reader? πŸ˜€ Okay, back to study.

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Thanks for reading!





4 thoughts on “Life Update #3- STILL ALIVE: CURSED Exams, Upcoming Giveaway, and More!

  1. I wish I was in finals because that would mean the end was near but I am just getting started with midterms and still have 7 more weeks of school:'(

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