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Songs on Saturdays: My Songs of the Week #1

Happy Saturday! I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d like to introduce a section on my blog called “Songs of the Week” (now called “Songs on Saturdays”, for now lol), which would be posts I’d write every few weeks just to recommend some music that has caught my attention. It’s completely out of sync with the rest of my blog, but here’s a little bit of info about me: I love music. But more than that, I love sharing and discovering music with other people. One of the best feelings in the world for me is discovering a song that I absolutely fall in love with!

So, I’m not too sure on format etc, and for my first few posts I’m just going to keep it simple and name a few songs I think are worth checking out. Hopefully some of you will like them! I jump from genre to genre because it’s the individual songs that catch my attention, rather than any particular genre; so these will be vastly different, but I’d love it if I can introduce even one person to a song they’ll really like 🙂 If you like listening to music while reading (like me), a few of these will go so well with certain books. Let’s get right into it:

My favourites for this week: 

1. Dynasty by MIIA

YouTube: Dynasty

Why I love it: I discovered this song completely by accident, and I love it because it matches a book I just finished reading: Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas! It’s sombre, slow and perfect for any book with loads of action in it *cries*

2. Small Doses by Bebe Rexha

Youtube: Small Doses

Why I love it: This song has a great tune and I really like the lyrics. The opening instrumentals are also great, and it suits any of your favourite OTPs or ships that have on-off relationships.

3. Hard Times by Paramore

Youtube: Hard Times

Why I love it: Paramore is back, yay! I know this song is different from their usual sound, but that doesn’t deter me in the slightest. The song is so fun to listen to 🙂

4. Question by Alex Aiono

Youtube: Question

Why I love it: Alex is a YouTuber who posts covers of songs, and this is one of his personal debuts. And I’ve got to say, it’s one hell of a debut! This song has great lyrics and is soooo catchy, I can’t deal!

5. (I Just) Died in Your Arms by Hidden Citizens (Epic Trailer Version)

Youtube: (I Just) Died in Your Arms

Why I love it: I was casually binge-listening to whatever popped up on YouTube and when I heard this song…I died and went to heaven. Like the title suggests, it is seriously epic, with lots of instruments and a great vocal, and for any Throne of Glass fans, the thumbnail is seriously cool! 2:40 onwards will blow your mind, I guarantee!

6. Dead by Madison Beer

Youtube: Dead

Why I love it: This isn’t as macabre as it sounds! I discovered this one by accident too, and it’s Madison’s comeback song. I love the tune, and I can’t really tell the genre but it’s pleasing to listen to.

7. Devil’s in the Backseat by Lostboycrow

Youtube: Devil’s in the Backseat

Why I love it: This song popped up on my Spotify, and I fell in love! The vocals are so smooth and sexy, as is the whole song to be perfectly honest 😉 But honestly, those vocals though….

8. Moments by Tove Lo

YouTube: Moments 

Why I love it: I heard a remix for this on Riverdale (Netflix original series) a few weeks ago and simply had to find it! While the remix is great, I love the slower original version more, which is this version. The lyrics are cool, and the song has a catchy vibe that sucks you right in.

9. Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

YouTube: Despacito 

Why I love it: I never let language barriers deter me, and this Spanish song is such a catchy, sexy one that I couldn’t resist. It’s been blowing up on the charts, radio and YouTube (1.7 billion views and counting!) and I can see why. It has a fantastic Spanish sound which I love 🙂

10. Ruins by Ryder

YouTube: Ruins

Why I love it: This song is perfect for any book lover who comes across a dramatic action scene/battle in a novel. It’s heavy, with a great vocal and atmosphere that would suit any serious part of a book. One of my ultimate favourites, actually!

And those are my 10 for this week! I think I’ll do these lists every few weeks, in burst of 5 or 10, just to keep them manageable. If you’ve given any of them a try and like them, let me know below! Also, I would LOVE to hear any recommendations you guys have, as I’m always on the lookout for new music. Thanks so much for reading!

-Royal Reader


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