Hi there, stranger! You’ve stumbled upon my little blog site, right? Well, I’m Princess, an avid reader and writer who breathes books. Add me on Goodreads (Princess), comment on my posts if you wish to contact me, and stick around for reviews and more.

A little about me: Firstly, I know what you’re thinking. “This girl calls herself Princess? What a diva.” Am I correct? Well, stop right there! It is in fact my real name (and the bane of my existence.) It does have its perks, though. For one, I’m easy to remember. Take that as you will.

I’m a 20 year old University student, who reads and writes in her spare time and does absolutely nothing else. Can you guess what I study? Go on. Got it? You’re right! It’s English. (Kill me.) I also love music, sports and other random things. I’m a completely inconsistent kind of person, but that’s okay.

Now, onto the more serious stuff:

My review policy:

I am open to reviewing all books, as I read just about any genre. If you would like to contact me about a book to review, my email is royalreader1@gmail.com. I accept ARCs from publishers, but will research a book first to see if it is to my liking.

As I have a big TBR pile, I will get to a book as soon as I can, which will usually be within 2 weeks. I will post an honest review for it here and on Tumblr, as well as an abridged version on Goodreads and a tweet on Twitter linking back to the post on my blog. My reviews are semi-formal/informal, and are an honest reflection of my mood and thoughts. I choose an informal, personal approach because I find it natural, and feel like I can get my point across clearly. I only review books that are specifically required to review (such as ARCs), popular releases, or books that I feel are worthy of reviewing (from personal reading).

In summary, I don’t close myself off to any genre, but here are my preferences:

Young Adult

New Adult

Adult Fiction


Historical Fiction




How I rate books:

1 star: I did not enjoy the book at all, I could not find any redeemable qualities and I would not recommend it. (These are very unlikely to be reviewed)

2 stars: I did not really enjoy it, it had few redeemable qualities and I would not recommend it. (These are unlikely to be reviewed, unless very popular)

3 stars: The book was average, or in-between. I found a few flaws, but this does not necessarily mean I would not recommend it. (These are more than likely reviewed)

4 stars: I enjoyed the book a lot, it had a few minor flaws that stopped me from completely loving it. I would strongly recommend it. (These are definitely reviewed)

5 stars: I absolutely loved the book. Any minor flaws it had are overlooked, as the overall experience was outstanding. I would definitely recommend. (These are definitely reviewed)

Thank you for deciding to check out my blog, from the bottom of my metaphorical heart. I’m a little eccentric, but I thinkĀ our eccentricities are what make us unique. Now that you know a little bit about me, stay awhile. Read some blogs. Read some books. Stay groovy (baby).